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What is, "Citizens for Veterans in Government"?

We are a non-partisan, federally registered Political Action Committee, which was officially launched in November, 2013. The president and founder, Steven Raiser, is an Iraq combat veteran who volunteered for service in 2005. He was honorably discharged in 2011. He is a business owner and currently practices law at Raiser & Kenniff, PC and is actively involved in the Hofstra Veterans' clinic, as well as the Veterans and Military Law Committee at the Nassau County Bar Association. Steve is also the owner of Raiser Realty, Corp.

The Citizens for Veterans in Government advisory board is made of both military veterans as well as civilians who are dedicated to veterans issues. As a Political Action Committee we are focused on helping elect veterans into positions at all levels of government.

Why do we need more veterans in government?

The imperative of electing veterans into government is based upon a need for their leadership and service, a need which we have acknowledged throughout our history. In 1969, twenty four years since the end of World War II, 75% of Congress was made up of our veterans. Today, that number has dropped to, just under 25%. Yet the need for their leadership and service has never been greater.

This need, is based upon the fact that veterans understand veterans' issues. If we want to make sure that those that gave so much to their country are treated fairly and with dignity when they return, a fellow veteran in government is the best person to address their concerns. Veterans also provide a unique perspective, based upon the training they receive, as well as the experience they gain from their service. They intimately understand the need for a strong military, as well as the true costs of war. It is imperative that this perspective is well represented in our government. To deny our veterans a voice in our government is to ignore the value of their service.

How can "Citizens for Veterans in Government" Make a Difference?

Those in the military put their service first. Making money is not on their list of priorities. They are therefore comprised mostly of individuals of modest means. For this reason many veterans do not have the financial means to continue their public service in elected office, because the financial commitment to run an effective campaign, even on a local level, is great. Citizens for Veterans in Government can help bridge this gap, from military service into public service, by supporting veterans, giving them the seed money they need to start and sustain a campaign.

How do we select a candidate?

We support only veterans and any veteran is eligible for consideration. Once we find a veteran we look to measure their commitment to running a vigorous campaign. We know that those who donate to our PAC have limited funds and that every dollar is precious. Therefore, we want to be sure candidates who wish to run for elected office have already shown a level of commitment to seeing their campaigns through to the end. Once they have our support, they owe our donors, and their country, all their effort and commitment. We also look for a commitment to the principles of service, such as running a fair and not overly negative (but vigorous) campaign. We do not consider party affiliation, but instead look for candidates from both parties who have independent minds and a strong desire to always put country over party politics. We consider both challengers and incumbents.

How much money goes to candidates?

Our organization is comprised of volunteers. We have no salaries to pay. Once our overhead is covered, for things such as advertising, stationary and postage all the money goes to, or is set aside, for our candidates to give them the best chance to succeed.

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“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.” - Abraham Lincoln